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Pearl-the Only Jewelry Has Life

by anonymous

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Pearl is the only living jewelry in the world. Under normal wear, her life is limited. When the bead is old, it can become yellow, but may be after 100 years to turn yellow. Most precious things must need the careful maintenance. Then they can be replenished. Maintenance and good care is part of the using culture of the product. Beautiful, expensive and delicate pearls, like beautiful you, need the care, oh. See what tips can make our pearl jewelry keep shinning long forever. 1. Acid erosion: In order to make the pearl luster and color is not affected, you should avoid to make contact with acid, alkali and pearl chemicals, such as perfume, soap, finalize the design water, etc. Don’t wear pearl jewelry when swinning and bathing. So please put on your lovely again after the makeup of the pearl. 2. Keep away from the kitchen: pearl’s surface has tiny pores. It should not absorbe so dirty material from the air. Pearl absorbs spray and perfume, etc. Don't wear beautiful pearl cooking, steam and smoke can penetrate pearl and make it yellow. 3. Cashmere cloth served: every time after wearing a pearl especially in hot days,you should clean the pearl, after that you can maintain the luster of the pearls. You’d better use sheepskin or fine wool and do not use glossy paper, because some of the face paper friction will damage the pearl. 4. Need air: don't put pearl in the safe for a long time, also don't use plastic bags sealing. Pearl need fresh air, take out every few months I would wear, let them breathe. Such as long term in the box for pearl easily turn yellow 5. Avoid exposure: as the pearl containing certain moisture, should put pearls in shady and cool place, avoid direct exposure in the sun, or in a place is too dry, so as to avoid dehydration of pearl. 6. The hard blow: the pearl jewelry store alone, so as not to scratch other jewelry pearl cortex. If you plan to put a bead chain in the clothes, the clothes of the texture must be soft and smooth some of best. Too rough material may be scratched your precious pearl. Fashion Style 6-7mm Pink Freshwater Pearl Watch Bracelet with Lobster Clasp
After seeing this, you may get some knowledge about the maintence of the pearl jewelry. You would never worry about it if you have a pearl necklace or other pearl jewelry. You can also choose many beautiful pearl jewlery, since you have know how to protect them. There are many wholesale pearl jewelry store. They have offers many differetn fashion jewelry. I can recommand one for you like the from china. The jewelry in that store is very beautiful and can meet your taste.

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