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Window air Conditioners: Maintenance Tips

by ramondjose

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Regular maintenance of the air conditioning unit ensures that it will last long. The filter in the air conditioner must be cleaned often.

The compressor of a window air conditioner lies outside the window. This is thus designed because the compressor makes a lot of noise. But since the part of the air conditioner that lies outside is exposed to many things such as dust, the air conditioner must be cleaned every year. When it is not being used, it should be cover properly to protect from rain water. Experts in air conditioning Columbus should be called to clean the units regularly. The maintenance can also be done by the individuals and given here are few maintenance tips for air conditioners.

Step 1: Take out the unit from the window. Unplug all electric connections. Window air conditioners are heavy at rear. Have some one outside to hold the unit. Slowly lift the window from inside.

Step 2: The filter of the air conditioners must be cleaned to make the air conditioner work properly. The filter has to be removed and cleaned with soap and water. Leave it to get dried. Check if the filter is to be replaced. Clean the area in the air conditioner where the filter is placed. Clear all the dust with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: wash the outer cabinet and inner cabinet after removing it. Clean every small area in the unit. All the non electric parts can be cleaned with soapy water. Use paintbrushes to clean electric parts. Take care that no electric part gets wet during the cleaning of Air Conditioning columbus process.

Step 4: Cover the electric parts with plastic and wash the other parts with garden hose. Remove all water from the unit. Leave the air conditioning unit for at least a day to dry out. Reassemble the unit carefully taking care that the evaporator fins are straight. To keep the fins in good place, it is advisable to use a fin comb which can be purchased from home improvement store.

If there is enough storage place to keep the window unit, it can be stored there covering it properly. If there is no place cover the window air conditioning unit with waterproof material and place it back in the window securely. Any air conditioner will get some problems with the passage of time. Regular maintenance can ensure the unit lasts long. Regular maintenance services will see that it work for more and more years. Check if any part of the unit needs replacement.

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