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How Sedation Dentistry Helps to Eliminate Dental Anxiety

by lorenemcfarland

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It is no longer necessary to delay important dental treatment due to fear and anxiety about the procedure. Sedation dentistry is available to make patients feel at ease and comfortable while undergoing treatment. The reality is, that many patients avoid even the most routine dental visits because they are overwhelmed with fear of dentists and dental procedures. Thousands of patients are affected by dental phobia, resulting in a lack of dental care. Well, Dr. McConnell and team with Novato Sedation Dentistry provide sedation options that will cure dental phobia.

Sedation dentistry helps to make patients feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. Most patients suffering from dental phobia report that their past experiences at the dentist made them feel like the staff did not understand their needs. Eliminating dental anxiety starts with helping the patient understand their underlying fear, while making them feel at ease with the friendly dental team at the Marin County Dentist. In order for sedation dentistry to be completely effective, It’s important to feel comfortable in the dental chair, and to know that feelings and concerns are being heard and addressed properly.

Modern sedation dentistry provides many options for fearful patients. Treatments including inhalation, Oral, and IV (intravenous) sedation can provide anxiety-free experiences during necessary dental procedures. Many factors are taken into consideration when selecting the most effective sedation option as every patient reacts differently to each sedation method. Our team pairs the needs of each patient with the correct treatment or combination of treatments.

Delaying dental treatment due to fear and anxiety is not wise, it leads to poor oral health, and long-term complications that would ultimately become difficult and costly to repair. A controlled and regulated approach to the chosen level of sedation helps the Dentist monitor patient comfort during treatment, ensuring a renewed and refreshed feeling post-procedure. Sedation dentistry has helped fearful patients find a way to feel happy and confident about visiting the dentist, which is such a critical factor in maintaining good oral health throughout life.

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