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Hungry For Chocolates? Take A Bite Of Sugarfree


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Charles M. Schulz has left no restriction in showing his connectivity with chocolates in his quote in which he said that ultimately the only thing a human wants in his life is love and it can be towards anything or any person. Well, for chocolate lovers, a little amount of chocolate now and then is harmless. Any meal recipe turns automatically delicious when chocolate is added in it. Want to please you loved ones? Need to gift something to someone special, but have no idea where to start with? Want to make your children happy? Well a chocolate is what has helped us in most of such type of situations. But before you consume a chocolate, do you really know its natural ingredients?

A chocolate is basically composed of cocoa, and sugar. Cocoa is actually a complex substance with some of the most essential nutrients like iron, and vitamin B6. On the other hand, sugar is something which has always been a topic of debate among health experts, and contains high levels of carbohydrates which directly affect your health. Doctors often advise obese people to consume foods with low carbohydrates levels. But when you see a chocolate in front of your eyes, it becomes almost next to impossible to stop yourself from eating it.

We simply cannot give up the idea of eating chocolates just on account of some stupid health issues linked with high intake of sugar. If you are one of those who are highly health conscious, and love chocolates, we have something good for you here. Sugarless chocolate bars from Lanouba not only provide you the same taste as original chocolate, but are also health friendly. The best part here is that these chocolates are even available in different flavors like milk, white, dark chocolate, coconut, raspberry, almonds, etc. This is also reputed as the only company, which offers an extensive range of marshmallows covered with chocolate and with sugarfree option. They have been preparing sugarless chocolates and marshmallows for quite some time now and they offer export quality products for health conscious people with their sugarless options.

There are even multiple benefits associated with the intake of natural dark chocolate with zero sugar levels. Belgium is referred to as the home of finest chocolate makers, and this is where Lanouba chocolates are born. The bars are packed in hygienic manner to ensure that the quality and natural flavor remains intact for longer periods of time. These chocolates are not just low in carbohydrate, but also have lower fat levels. An average bar from Lanouba contains only about 72 calories, and around 30% lower fat than any other chocolate in the market. The additional magnesium and calcium levels in the bar even make them health boons.

The company is not just limited to chocolate production, but it has surprised the market with the launch of sugarfree wafers. The latest invention has a creamy vanilla flavor and is covered with milk chocolate. The new wafers have been designed in a manner to pleasure your taste buds to the maximum. Another latest launch from Lanouba is the Stevia chocolate, which comprises of natural Stevia extracts. These chocolates have a unique mesmerizing taste. The fiber rich chocolate has a number of benefits on human body. Company has also launched sugar free marshmallows that are soft enough to completely melt in your mouth. Why wait, the new products from Lanouba are not simply delicious, but even health friendly.

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