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How to Replace a Smoking Habit

by nosmoke

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One of the best ways to quit smoking is to replace your nicotine habit with one that does not involve tobacco. The psychological part of an addiction to cigarettes is every bit as powerful as the physical part. When you quit smoking, you will find that your brain will frequently and automatically tell you that it's time for a cigarette. This occurs because smoking is part of your routine; it's a habit. These constant reminders can derail your attempt to quit.
Step 1

Find something to do when you get the urge to smoke. Excellent alternatives include short exercise routines and short meditations. You can carry bits of dark chocolate with you and pop a taste into your mouth every time you crave a cigarette; dark chocolate boosts serotonin, which improves your mood and can take the edge off nicotine withdrawal. Or you can keep a list of smoking's negative effects in your pocket and read from it every time a craving strikes. The activity you pick need only take a minute or two, as the urge to smoke usually passes quickly.
Step 2

Engage in your new habit in places where you cannot smoke. This will greatly increase your chances of succeeding. Exercise at a gym instead of at home. If you're going to watch more movies, watch them at a movie theater or a nonsmoking friend house.
Step 3

Keep your hands, mouth and mind occupied with something other than smoking. For example, hold a water bottle and take sips when you get the urge to smoke. Some people find holding a pencil or pen helpful. Watch television while you're working out to keep you from thinking about smoking.
Step 4

Engage in your new habit consistently. To make a new activity a true habit--something you do automatically and without thinking--you need to do it frequently and on a regularly basis. Whatever you choose to replace smoking with, be as consistent as possible. Only then will it truly become part of your routine and divert your mind from smoking.

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