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Dealing With Wedding Planner Issues

by conallbrendon

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You interviewed and chose your wedding planner for your wedding. You thought you two hit it off well and she seemed to be everything you needed. However, once the wedding plans started, there are some problems developing. What should you do now? Think about what the issues are. Is she exceeding your budget? You had told her the amount you had to spend and she keeps approaching you with outrageous and expensive ideas. Most wedding planners have certain vendors when dealing with wedding receptions in Melbourne that they prefer to use because they can work a deal in your favor. If your planner is fumbling around and is unsure, she may be inexperienced.

Second possible issue is you know exactly what you want in location, flowers, theme and food. She is arguing with you and trying to force her opinions on you. You have hired her to help plan your wedding, not the other way around. You’re the boss of your own wedding, she’s the advisor.

Third concern is that you have no idea what’s going on with your own wedding plans. Your wedding planner is supposed to keep the lines of communication open. She’s to give you information of where the best places for wedding receptions in Melbourne are. She’s to keep in contact with you, answer your emails and phone calls, and make sure you’re informed of everything you need to be. You haven’t a clue what’s going on and or even what vendors are being used.

So, she’s not doing the job and you’re not happy with her, do you fire her? If your wedding is within 60 days, you need to consider the consequences carefully. Do you know what vendors she’s chosen? Do you have the name and phone numbers of all the contacts you need? What do you know about the actual details of your wedding? Is someone else available to step in? These are important questions that need answers before considering your next step.

Sit down and figure out what has you upset. Send your planner a “to the point” email explaining your concerns. Be specific and state your points clearly. If you think she’s slacking, explain where. If you feel she isn’t meeting deadlines, let her know you’re frustrated. Let her know what has you upset and worried. State a solution to the problem as in “I’ll give you three days to finish the draft of the wedding invitations”. The “or else” is implied, it doesn’t have to be stated.

If your wedding planner is reputable, she should reply back to you promptly, offer to solve the problems and get things pointing in the right direction. She’ll probably do twice as good of a job so you end up satisfied with her work. An unhappy customer and bad word of mouth can cause her to lose potential new clients for and she’s aware of that.

If you do have to fire your wedding planner, never rush into the decision. You should have a discussion with your fiancé, your family or close friends to see what they have to say. If things can be worked out, that’s your best bet.

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