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Lamp Development for Developing Dynamic Websites

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Many developers look for innovative open source software to develop dynamic websites at rapid pace. Often developers have to adjust their code to make the internet application compatible with most operating systems, web servers, databases and browsers. But some free and open source software like LAMP enables web developers to avail advantages of several platforms. In fact, the term LAMP is an acronym that represents the first letters of Linux, Apache web server, MySQL, and PHP, Python or Perl.

However, the combination of the software included in a LAMP package may vary based on the web scripting software. The huge popularity of LAMP has further encouraged many companies by launching customized packages with different combination of web server, database, software language and operating system. For instance, the developers using Microsoft Windows platform can use the WAMP package that runs seamlessly on IIS. So a company can easily customize the open source product to meet specific requirements of its project.

What Makes LAMP the Best Choice for Dynamic Web Development?

Innovative Development Tools
Most developers look for customized tools to avoid longer lines of code. The use of tools also contributes towards shortening the project timeframe. As a LAMP package includes Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL, each developer has options to choose from a wide variety of tools to complement the needs of the internet application. Along with providing a huge amount of flexibility and freedom to users to implement their ideas, the tools also make it easier for them to optimize the look, feel and performance of the website without putting any extra time and effort.

Options to Build Platform-Independent Web Applications
The constant changes in the choices of modern users have made it essential for programmers to explore creative options to make the internet application dynamic. To become hugely popular, each application needs to be compatible with major operating systems, web servers and databases. Also, the choice of scripting language is also selected according to the nature of the application. So each programmer has to write and edit the code to optimize the performance and scalability of the website. With LAMP, a developer can easily develop web application that can avail the benefits provided by some of the widely used databases, web servers and programming languages. So the web application becomes effective in targeting users across the world.

Easy to Write Bug-Free Code
To become popular, a web application also needs to be bug-free. While writing the code, many programmers explore options to make it bug-free. The LAMP stack makes it easier for developers to write bug-free code. The option is more important for the enterprises that are yet to adopt the agile testing methodology. The stack will ensure that the code remains bug-free, and the programmer is not required to spend time in identifying and fixing bugs. The early identification and fixing of bugs also help the enterprise in launching the website as per the predetermined schedule.

Easy to Deploy the Web Application
Along with developing a bug-free web application, the programmers also need to deploy it in an exact manner. Many programmers find it more challenging to deploy a website. They also find it a daunting challenge to the programming language seamlessly with the database and web server. But the LAMP package does not require programmers to put any extra time and effort for integrating the programming language, web server and database. As PHP is used by the product as a standard Apache module, the developers can deploy the LAMP web application in a hassle-free way.

Build Applications Locally
Many companies prefer developing websites locally. They want to develop and test the web application locally, before deploying it onto the web. The features and tools provided by LAMP allow enterprises to build the website locally. Also, the performance of the application can be evaluated and optimized before deploying it online. The local development feature also saves resources, and contributes towards keeping the project cost under control.

As LAMP is an open source product and can be customized easily, it can complement the requirements and budget of all types of enterprises. Without investing a huge amount of money, an enterprise can use the product impress clients by building dynamic websites and web applications at a rapid pace. You can hire developers from top php application development companies in India who can help you build projects within allocated budgets and time schedules.

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