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Natural treatment of fingernail fungus and head lice

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Head lice home remedies

Head lice home remedies can cure your child’s relationship with his inmates. Most parents’ feel that their child should never become friends with another whose head is full of lice. Why should a child suffer the consequences of pests that plaque one out of every six children? There’s a certain social stigma that is attached to lice. Therefore if you can get rid of it without causing any side effects to your child then you can make use of certain head lice home remedies to purge off these pests completely.

Most medicines that are used for killing lice are made from using harmful pesticides. These are toxic enough to kill field pesticides imagine what they would do to the soft skin of your child. Therefore you should resort to head lice home remedies such as:

  1. Application of tea tree oil or coconut oil on your child’s head is one of the most affective head lice home remedies.
  2. Application of vinegar and alcohol can also help to cure your child of lice.
  3. Application of Listerine, mouth wash, on the scalp also another one of the excellent head lice home remedies.

A couple of more of these head lice home remedies can be searched online. You can pick up a book that lists out various head lice home remedies. Another disease that carries social stigma fingernail fungus there are many natural treatments available to you for curing this fungi.

Fingernail fungus treatment

People have to shake hands with another person almost daily. A person who is infected with fungus will refrain from this courtesy or worse spread it to others by shaking their hands. This is the reason why you must attend to this problem as soon as possible. Treatment of fingernail fungus by using natural remedies can help you divest of this problem and save you from embarrassing yourself in front your guests. Some of the fingernail fungus treatment is:

  1. Mix vinegar with water and soak your fingers plenty of times in the solution. This is the simplest treatment of fingernail fungus. You don’t even need to step out of your home because vinegar is used in a lot of dishes therefore it will be stocked at your house in large quantity.
  2. You can also apply Vicks vapor rub on your cuticles to absolve the problem of fungi. This fingernail fungus treatment has been a popular remedy since the inception of petroleum jelly.

The treatment of fingernail fungus need to be tended immediately because it is contagious and can spread to other members of your family. Use the solutions listed above for treatment of fingernail fungus and till the time this fungus persist wear gloves to avoid spreading the fungus to another person.

When you can treat both of these problems naturally then why go out of your way to find solutions for them clinically.  

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