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Basic Knowledge about Indian Stock Market

by mcxprovider

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Today Indian stock market is becoming really huge. If we talk about state level exchanges there are 'n' numbers of stock exchanges but if we have a look of all exchanges in India there are two main exchanges - NSE known as national stock exchange and was opened in India in1995 and BSE known as Bombay Stock Exchange and was first recognize in India in 1970. 93% volume of stock market comes from NSE and rest 3% volume comes from BSE.


 Which particular stock in India are you interested to invest - BSE stock or NSE stock? No matter whatever you choose, you cannot do away with the risks involved. Investors of BSE stocks always stay updated with the BSE live statistics.If you have an online trading account, it is quite likely that you will have a computer with Internet connection. Browsing for BSE live statistics is easy at a brokerage portal. Here, it is not only opening of online trading account that is facilitated; investors can have access to a wealth of information related to the market of stock in India. At a BSE live platform, you can read the A-Z of news about the Indian stock market, know about the top gainers and losers, view BSE sensex figures, and come across a lot of other related information.


        You may have watched on business news channels a pre-open session for NSE and BSE from 9.00 AM to 9.15 AM during market days. But you actually know how your placed orders are executed during this session. It is very interesting and must know factor for all who are interested to invest in stocks. Before we proceed let us look for the types of orders you can place in market. Their are two types of order placing methods.


1) Market orders-These are the orders where you have not specified any price while buying or selling. Hence such orders execute as per the availing market rates.
2) Limit orders-These are the orders where you have specified the price and quantity for buying or selling. These get executed once find the matching orders.


           If you think that the Indian stock market is not meant for small players, you are wrong. As per a survey, the investors section not only include big corporate and wealthy individuals who invest in bulk but also small time investors encompassing homemakers, students, small time businessmen, and the list goes on. No matter whether you are investing big or small, what matters is the success aspect. If you play safe, your investment on Indian stocks will certainly yield you good returns; the vice versa can happen too.


          When you indulge in taking assistance of professional stock analysts or broker firms, you are making yourself accessible to a process wherein you learn about the intricacies involved in trading the Indian stock market and slowly your levels of experience and expertise will go up. The NSE nifty and the BSE Sensex are the most sought after markets in the Indian context and when you receive stock tips from your firm via SMS or email; you just need to act quickly to make certain that you are gaining an inherent edge over your fellow investors.

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