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Towing and Hauling: Boat Trailer Tires and Accessories

by delenamillener

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Sailing in the open waters is a fulfilling experience, and if you're into fishing as well, then that's hitting two birds—or fish—with one stone! When you think about owning a boat, you imagine yourself enjoying the sunrise while the boat buoys and floats on the water. However, you might as well imagine how you are going to move your boat from the garage to the marina.

The answer is a boat trailer. Boat trailers are used to transport boats to the dock or tow boats out of the water. You need the trailer, too, to move your boat for storage, or take to a boat shop for repairs, or upgrades. If you're new to boat towing, here's a quick guide on the basics of finding boat trailer tires and accessories:

Boat trailers are wheeled frames that carry a boat while it's being towed with a vehicle. When choosing a trailer, the first thing to consider is the boat's weight and size, as well as its center of gravity and shape. Make sure that it would fit perfectly on the trailer so that sudden breaks or fast speeds won't affect it. Make sure you have your boat anchored properly so it wouldn't topple off the trailer.

As there are no one-size-fits-all for trailers, the same goes for good boat trailer tires. Each trailer tire has its own size and load range. The load range would tell you about its capacity in carrying your vessel, so be sure that the two match. The load range is usually presented by letters from B (lightest weight) to E (heaviest weight).

Some boats have single or multiple axles that attach tires and suspension onto the trailer, depending on the weight of the boat. The heavier the boat, the more axles you need. There are other essential boat trailer accessories and repair parts you could add on the trailer, from coupler to tail lights to winches that help in hauling a boat onto the trailer, and which could be either manual or automatic.

Sailing off into the horizon where sky and the open sea meet is an adventure for the bold sea traveler. If you're not into sea adventures, then maybe a relaxing fishing trip on the lake, or just drinking champagne in your boat on shallower waters with intimate company will do. Read more helpful tips on boat accessories and boating at

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