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Boy Scouts of America and Boy Scouts Shirts

by jannymart

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Since its inception over a century ago, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has made a commendable reputation for grooming and mentoring character, good citizenship and physical fitness for boys within the age of 7 to 17. The Boy Scouting division is for boys who are at least of 10 years of age and are not yet 18. A Boy Scout upholds the finest of human spirit; he is dependable, courteous and loyal. He must be at all times willing to help others and be brave when the situation demands.

Boy scouts shirts are an integral part of the uniform of the Boy Scouts of America. The uniform is important because it upholds equality while displaying individual achievement. Most of the boy scouts shirts are similar in their basic design but they vary in colour and detail. The similarity in design is to generate a level of identity within the unit and the community.

Wearing boy scouts shirts has been the way of the scouting since the very beginning. Years of experience have shown that wearing the uniform gives the members of a feeling of belonging and identity. There are many benefits of wearing a uniform in boy scouts including these:

  • Equality- the uniform gives and promotes a democratic idea of equality. Boys from varied economic background, races and cultures wear similar uniform and perform the tasks as equals.
  • Identification- the uniform identifies the boy or the youth as a member of the Boy Scouts. That itself is a matter of pride, it identifies the boy or youth as a good force in the community.
  • Achievement – the boy scouts shirts displays the badges, awards and insignias displaying the wearer’s responsibility and achievements. The accomplishments of a Boy Scout can be understood and acknowledged by looking at his boy scouts shirt.
  • Personal Commitment – the uniform is a continual reminder to the boy scouts of their commitment and purposes of Scouting: trust in God, loyalty to the country and being helpful to others at the time of need and at all times.  

For these reasons, the leaders of the Boy Scouts, the volunteers, professionals and especially the parents should emphasize and promote to always wear the Boy Scout uniform in the proper manner.

Wearing a Boy Scouting Shirt

In general a boy scout should be wearing his boy scouts shirt and the whole uniform for all the activities  like pack meetings, den meetings, unit outings or any other activity done with the pack. A boy scout must at all times:

  • Keep the uniform clean and in good condition
  • Never wear non-BSA insignias and badges with the Boy Scout uniform, never alter or change the design of the uniform as per your own wish.
  • Do not mix and match the uniform parts with non-uniform clothing. Like wearing boy scouts shirts with a blue jeans. The uniform should always be worn together or not at all.

There are numerous locations for buying boy scouts shirts but it is upto you to choose and decide the best quality shirt with a competitive price tag. So be practical and buy the best.

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