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Philadelphia’s Dangerous Car Accident Frequency Means Motori

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Philadelphia, PA, July 1, 2013:  Car accidents in Philadelphia are an all-too-common occurrence, yet many injuries resulting from these accidents don’t manifest until well after the incident. This fact, combined with Philadelphia’s policy of not requiring police to visit the scene of an accident means the onus is on the driving parties to act responsibly, says personal injury lawyer Joe Mitchell.

“Don’t expect the police to show up,” Mitchell says on his website, “There’s a new policy in Philadelphia where if you’re in a car accident where no one is whisked off to the hospital, the police don’t come out any more. So it’s very important to do certain things after an accident, whether the police show up or not.”


The actions Mitchell recommends include: calling 911; exchanging contact, driver’s license, and insurance information with the other driver; filling out a police report at a police station; taking pictures of the accident; and staying away from social media discussions regarding the incident. “Facebooking about the accident will only come back to bite you,” Mitchell says.


This advice is timely because a new study published jointly by researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania said the city of brotherly love ranked ahead of New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit in terms of car accident frequency. This new data comes on the heels of a survey performed by car insurer All State in 2011, which ranked Philadelphia as the 6th most car accident-prone city in the country.


Thousands of car accident injuries occur every year in the Philadelphia area alone, Mitchell says. Many of those injuries are caused by the recklessness of the other driver. “For those injured in an automobile accident, pain and suffering is frequently compounded by confusion over a lack of information regarding how to get reimbursed for medical bills, loss of earnings, and for damages suffered,” Mitchell says. “In addition, insurance laws and regulations, particularly those involving No-Fault benefits, can be challenging to understand, and reimbursements of expenses can be difficult to obtain.”


Personal injury lawyers such as Mitchell can navigate these painful and confusing aspects of the post-accident recovery. He offers free consultations and has decades of experience in helping accident victims recover financial losses.


For more information about Joe Mitchell’s services, contact his law offices by phone at 215-557-7111 or visit

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