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Candidates are advised to change their ideas school Candid

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Candidates who wish to enroll can be furnished by the College Entrance Examination oral technical expertise of the headlight,The professional practice order training, school and corporate training base will be built by Jing Jia Dental Technology Center nearly one million yuan purchase of equipment. Employment in the two-way choice, and Jing Jia Dental Technology Center signed a related agreement, internships can be to Jing Jia internships after graduation directly to the company. "If the student has other employment aspirations, we respect his choice." DU Jing expressed. In addition, remuneration, generally six months to a year later, the company's employees can get the monthly average of 2,000 yuan, up 5,000 yuan for outstanding revenue.


Candidates are advised to change their ideas school


Health Vocational and Technical College of Guangxi Party Secretary Ling told reporters that the college is 2010 3 menstrual Autonomous Region People's Government, the Ministry of Education for the record, by the Guangxi Health Management Institute,dental scaler,Guangxi Pharmaceutical school, autonomous MCH health school merger of a specialist-level medical colleges, facing Guangxi, Guangdong and other 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions enrollment. Through school-enterprise cooperation and social needs truly cultivate skilled personnel, the college deepening teaching reform of the important measures.


This year Dental Technology Center and Jing Jia cooperative education, she said he was very optimistic about the dental technology graduates prospects. She cited an example, many organizations are now abroad will be processed dentures, dental wax and other information through the computer spread to China, production and processing of the product in China,ultrasonic scalers,then sent to foreign countries through logistics. She recommends candidates to change their ideas, do not think only when the dentist is a good career, engaged in dentistry processing, the same employment prospects.

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