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Why Do People Love to Shop Online

by ghimes

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comScore, Inc., a global leader in evaluating the digital world, estimated that desktop-based spending for the second quarter of year 2013 increased by 16 percent ($49.8 billion). Its chairman, Gian Fulgoni, said that this increase does not only show the long-term move to digital commerce but also the near-term indications of continued development in buyer belief. Customers also spent another $4.7 billion through their smartphones and tablets that therefore resulted to 24 percent increase in comparison to the previous year. Apparel and accessories were the highest grossers among the product groups, recording over $700 million in second-quarter sales. This was followed by computer hardware, as well as digital content and subscriptions. Now, what can be the probable reasons people love to shop online? As a small business thinking of hiring a web design company in Arizona to develop an eCommerce website for you, you have to look at these:

1. Convenience

With online shopping, there's no need for people to go out; they can get clothes, computer accessories and others while at home. They do not even have to hurry because online retail stores do not close. They can shop at any time they need - even at the wee hours in the morning. They do not have to be worried about finding a slot in the parking area, which is the headache of most customers particularly during holidays.

2. Cost-Effective

Most web stores offer discounts (huge at that) to Internet shoppers. These include vendors of designer clothes. Because they do not have to leave home, they do not shell out for transportation or gas. Likewise, they do not have to shell out money for food (certainly, a trip to the mall always involves dining out). It also becomes easier for them to evaluate product prices (and even quality) from one online shop to another. They can even keep away from spontaneous buying. Significantly, it also allows them to save time.

3. Widest Options

Online shopping is more fun because individuals have the widest selections of items to buy. They can check a hundred items from one Internet store to another without having to bother about experiencing tired feet.

4. Ability to access International Brands

Who says an individual must fly to another country to be able to take a look at and buy an international brand? With the presence of huge numbers of web stores, it is now possible to buy from another country. This is especially an advantage to busy people. This is why you, as a small business owner, should hire a web design company in Arizona to help you get started in online selling.

5. Security

Some (or most) online shoppers feel safer buying at home. They can avoid bumping into bad people (like thieves).

Why do people love to shop online? The answers are discussed above. Therefore, it's not surprising that most small businesses are hiring a web design company in Arizona to be able to begin their online ventures. It is not surprising as well if the figures of people who do online shopping are growing every year.


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