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Jigsaw Puzzle: The history behind it

by mike460

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Jigsaw Puzzles are pieces which are required to be assembled to arrange them in a pattern or photo or anything which is meaningful. Its origination could be credited to John Spilsbury who was London based mapmaker and engraver. The first Jigsaw Puzzles came into being in 1760s to teach geography of the lands Britain ruled. These wooden puzzles were called “Dissected Maps” and designed for children with Royal Backgrounds. These initially didn’t come with interlocking puzzles and were simply arranged by aligning them to each other.

Soon it was commercialized and was used for entertainment purpose. Children’s jigsaw puzzles underwent a huge transformation from lessons to entertainment, showing diverse subjects like animals, nursery rhymes, and modern tales of super heroes and Disney. But the important lap for photo jigsaw puzzles were when they moved from children genre to games for wealthy adults in United States. It was considered as an intelligent game rather a children knowledge kit. In 1908, Parker Brothers began producing their hand cut, wooden Pastime Puzzle line in Salem, MA. Soon after that Milton Bradley came into the market with their wooden Premier Jig Saw Puzzles. Bradley’s introduced the first jigsaw puzzle for children "The Smashed Up Locomotive." By printing a lithograph of a steam engine locomotive and cutting it into pieces, the "smashed up" effect was achieved when a child opened the box and saw the locomotive into different pieces. Seeing the popularity of pictures jigsaw puzzles many other followed the same suit.

The next important lap in the history of photos to jigsaw puzzles were the “die-cut” card board puzzles. The most popular cardboard puzzles during the 1930s were the Perfect Picture Puzzle, manufactured by the Consolidated Paper Company in Somerville, MA. They were known as "Weeklies" because a new puzzle was released each week and were sold at a lesser price to be affordable for middle and lower class families. Par Puzzles were considered to be the last wooden jigsaw puzzle manufacturers and that ended with the death of both the owners. But still par puzzles are considered as antique jigsaw puzzles and come with a high price.

Pictures Jigsaw Puzzles has come a long way. From just geographical maps to intellectual games for adults and now knowledge based indoor games for children of all ages. These now come in form of mosaic puzzles, word puzzles, custom photo jigsaw puzzle and a way for personalized gifting idea. If you have spent several hours or weeks putting together a jigsaw puzzle and you don't want to just put it back in the box, then framing it, is a great solution. You not only get a great decorative item but you can look at it and remember the time spent having fun with the family. Perry Puzzles are Ohio based personalized puzzle maker which are handmade crafted and makes that gift special for your loved ones.

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