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But how patient he will understand it, because first you use

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Moderator: You just said that one is excessive medical treatment, then there is a phenomenon you mentioned, now that is not required to give you when it is on a large machine, for example, I one's own experience, a child fell pills stomach, to the hospital does not mean to ask you first,dental headlight,you'd shoot a bunch of film X-rays, how is this going? There are media reports that the number of China's advanced equipment is far more than developed countries, but it is not to abuse it ?


YIN Da-kui said: Yes, you said yes, there is something to fall into this child, this is a very critical, but it should be said before the normal situation of children or the first look and listen to see if there are breathing no. But doctors say that sometimes,dental scaler,I was soon blocked airway, breathing no, blocking a little breath and still is there, I do not know how strong your original breath, so this is a very critical situation, you quickly go according to a photo.


Moderator: But how patient he will understand it, because first you use large equipment, the first point he brought a lot of places to the patient inconvenience, first price is high, spend a lot of money, and the second body will have injury, or even a certain degree of damage, and the third is the emotional, especially for a child, your next laryngoscope this pain, he could not meet, is a doctor of your humanistic care.


YIN Da-kui said: understand your feelings, her mother who may have these thoughts, but as a doctor, the first catch the disease, to take decisive measures.ultrasonic scalers,Hold laryngoscope, that the future is a problem, the doctor can not hand off. We say put the kidney, including the now do some checking, there is some damage to the human body, but the disease still need to do. Like said earlier this thing, what to hold back his dead, the upper airway is relatively large, the smaller the farther down, if it blocked more, click on the dead, can not shake off the hand after that, so these words Doctors must be mastered, to surgery, we all hope it will not pull so much. But you do not pull so much, your surgery can be done, and that all aspects of tumor metastasis and sometimes you do not know, so doctors, one is merciful, and you see his face sometimes cruel, but he is a patient of this cruel the interests of the burst point.


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