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Fun Things You Can Do After Removing Coconut From Shell

by hopetina207

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Some people assume that after removing coconut from shell and consuming what is inside, you are simply done with the coconut. However, you can do some other creative things with coconut shells after you have removed the water and the white meat. These are some of our favorite examples.


Make household items

After removing coconut from shell and taking out all the edible meat, you can make a variety of household utensils out of the shells once you clean and dry them. You can make a variety of ladles and spoons, bowls for eating and for cooking, and ready-made drinking containers. If you have a steady hand, with a little carving you could make salad servers out of coconut shells. We have even seen examples of small coconut shell hookahs made for smoking tobacco. Oftentimes tourists in southern Asia buy these everyday coconut utensils as a memento of their travels. However, you do not have to go to southern Asia to make these items yourself.



You may already know that coconuts provide fuel for the body, in three different forms (the water, oil, and meat). However, it also provides you with a simple way to cook up a meal. If you have an untreated coconut shell, you can use it to make a hot cooking fire outdoors, because it burns very quickly. In countries such as India (the biggest exporter and producer of coconut products), the population uses empty coconut shells to cook. They make the shells into charcoal bricks. The creation process involves burning these shells (cut up into smaller pieces) in an environment that does not have much oxygen. This creates a long-burning, lightweight product.



You may have seen coconut shells used in aquariums before, but they are not just pretty to look at. They make great hideaways for female fish that are trying to safeguard their young. While the coconut may look appealing, if you have a squid in your tank you may be in for even more interesting sights. The National Geographic reported that squids near the Indonesian coast were using two different coconut shells as a type of mobile home. They carry the shells with them while they travel and put it together when they are ready to rest.


These were just some of the favorite ways to use empty coconut shells after you are done with them. There are countless examples online on how to make jewelry out of coconut shells or how to use them to decorate the garden or living room.

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