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Ensuring a Safe Work Environment

by ernestelliott

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If you are considering a job in the mining or construction industry, you have to consider that there are mandatory safety trainings that you have to undertake before actually starting on the job. Employees such as technicians, utility workers, linemen, electricians, roofers and miners are prone to fall and other work hazards compared to other jobs, and with most accidents even resulting to fatalities. This is the reason why most companies in these industries also invest in personal protection equipment and safety trainings for their employees.


Accidents involving falls from heights is becoming the leading cause of death or serious injury in the workplace today, and such incidents come at a big cost to the workers and their families in terms of lives affected, and companies in terms of finances. These accidents can be caused by unsecured and falling debris and materials, floor conditions, employees’ activities, and even machinery failure in some instances. Hence, safety training for everyone is a necessity to keep accidents to a minimum.


In order to ensure that safe and reasonable measures are always undertaken, all work must be assessed and planned even before the actual work begins. Once the initial safety assessment is completed, the work planning stage can then commence. From a safety perspective, a good work plan should include the necessary safety equipments and their uses, how the work should be conducted with these safety equipments, and the steps to how safety goals can be implemented and achieved.


Aside from wearing personal protection equipment such as hard hats or harnesses, it is also important to identify potentially dangerous areas in the workplace such as roof holes, floor openings, beams, open stairwells or shafts. Such areas should be properly identified and guarded with the use of guardrails, handrails, covers and nets.


Remember that the proper use of all safety equipment is important to prevent any accidents. If a snug harness is not used or strapped on right, the buckles may unlock and result to a worker’s fall. The implementation of strict safety rules and regulations, and encouraging the use of quality personal fall protection systems such as harnesses, static lines, anchor points and other similar devices should be emphasized to prevent accidents in the workplace and ensure the employees’ safety. A safe workplace will also mean that your company is protected from expensive lawsuits.


Lastly, safety plans and equipment are only as good as the users or employees themselves. When the persons accomplishing the actual work are as conscious, aware and responsible about safety as the company owners, then accidents are much less likely to happen. Engaging everyone in developing and maintaining a safe workplace will give everyone the comfort and confidence needed to work at heights and undertake any task required.


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