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The Proper Cleaning and Care of Lacrosse Uniforms

by jenninestalder

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Being a contact team sport, lacrosse should be played with the proper gear and equipment. Elbow pads, helmets, gloves, shoulder pads and in some instances, rib guards, should be worn by players to protect them from injuries. During emotionally-charged and highly-physical plays, players could easily get dirty with their plays, and so can quality lacrosse uniforms.

For lacrosse apparel, be particular with the care of uniforms. Colors must remain solid, and padded parts should remain intact to ensure protection during the game. Before washing, turn the uniform inside out so as not to ruin numbers and other insignia that are typically appliquéd on the fabric. Give the uniform a gentle flap to shake off dirt before it is cleaned with water. It is important to check the uniform’s tags for proper washing instructions.

Just like custom uniforms for football, lacrosse sportswear should be rinsed by hand with water and mild detergent water to prevent damage to the material. If machine washed, cold water is recommended to prevent the uniform’s color and iron-on designs from fading. The washer must be on a gentle rinse cycle to avoid the outfit’s sensitive material from bunching up.

It is not wise to tumble dry lacrosse uniforms, pads and other soft protective gear in high machine setting. From washing to drying, cycles are recommended to be on low dials. Ideally, lacrosse uniforms should be air or hang dried to keep them in excellent condition, and make them last for several games or playing seasons. .

To keep the fabric soft and smelling fresh for the next game, rinse the lacrosse uniform in mildly scented fabric softener. Remember that the smell of sweat has a bigger chance of staying on any piece of clothing especially if this is gently washed.

Do not put bleach or use any other harsh laundry chemicals when washing a sports uniform by hand or machine. Any discoloration will easily show on the uniform and will make it an eyesore in the playing area; something lacrosse players will not want their supporters to see. Only a great game, and not great grime and stain, are worth watching after all. For more information on this topic, you can check out

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