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Four Unique Ways To Give Out Flyers

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Flyers in Miami are a great way to get information about your business, event, or organization out to the public at a low cost. However, one downfall of handing out flyers is that many people just end up placing them in the garbage can. Here are a few strategic places to put your flyers so that they grab people’s attention and don’t end up in the trash.

1. Books

A Miami flyer can serve as a good bookmark. There are few things worse than being at an intense spot in your book only to have to search through pages to find your spot. Visit your local library with a stack of flyers and put them in the front of a few books. When people check out a certain book, they will likely use your flyer as a bookmark that they reference every time they open up their book to read. This will help your flyer advertise your event or business while giving the reader a convenient use for your flyer.

2. Popular attractions

In large metropolitan areas, you can almost bet that flyers in Miami will be everywhere you look. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from placing them around town. Before a large concert in your area, place a few on the seats so that people who are attending the event will pick up the flyer before they sit down. If this doesn’t work, putting them on the seats of local restaurants also works well.

3. Mail

A Miami flyer can come in just about any shape or size. Take advantage of this and print your flyers on bright paper with bold lettering. Then, take your flyers and place one in every mail box that you come across. When people sift through their mail, the bright color of your flyer will attract the recipient to it. Printing your flyers on bright paper will make them stand out against a bunch of plain white envelopes.

4. Laundromats

Most people wait at the Laundromat for their clothes to be done washing and drying. Chances are while they are waiting, they won’t have many other things to occupy their time. Most laundry facilities have an area where you can pin up flyers and other advertisements. The next time you are out and happen to pass by a laundry facility, tack a few of your flyers on the location’s bulletin board to get the attention of those who visit.

Don’t let the flyers you print off go to waste and place them in strategic places that will grab people’s attention and interest easily.


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