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An Effective Alternative to Frequent Doctor Visits

by homeultrasound09

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Are you are suffering from a chronic pain condition, minor bone fractures, or soft tissue lesions and injuries? Your doctor may recommend that you have regular ultrasound treatments, but you don’t need to visit your doctor’s office to do so. Investing in an ultrasound machine for home use makes financial sense, particularly if your doctor prescribes ongoing treatments. And if you travel frequently, you may also like the convenience of a portable ultrasound machine. But are these home or portable units as effective as those used in your doctor’s office? Yes!

Ultrasound therapy is now considered to be one of the best ways to treat pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms. It also has been found to speed up the natural healing process of the body. Therapeutic ultrasound has two benefits. Firstly, its thermal effects heat the targeted tissue, speeding up the healing process and reducing chronic swelling and inflammation. Secondly, the vibration of the tissue stimulates cell membranes to repair the cells.

Home ultrasound systems have been in existence for more than sixty years. Unlike painkillers and muscle relaxant drugs, ultrasound therapy is non-habit-forming and does not counteract with other medications. There are no debilitating side effects. The typical treatment takes only about fifteen minutes, and when used regularly, your personal ultrasound machine can result in pain relief that can last for more than three weeks. Home ultrasound therapy is generally safe, as long as the instructions stated in the product manual are followed.

Which frequency of ultrasound should you consider when shopping for your own portable unit? A 1Mhz machine is often recommended for many types of acute or chronic injuries and pain, particularly if you are suffering from bone injuries or arthritis. A 3Mhz unit generally only treats superficial tendon injuries and is not as useful as all-purpose 1Mhz models.  However, some patients prefer the milder intensity of a 3Mhz unit. Finally, a 5Mhz ultrasound machine is typically used for skin and facial rejuvenation including scar reduction, sunburn, bruises, and superficial scrapes and cuts. This type of machine does not typically penetrate deeply enough to treat tendons or body tissues that have been injured.

In conclusion, a portable ultrasound machine or an ultrasound machine for home use is designed to be perfectly safe and completely effective. These types of units are the sensible choice over habit-forming pain medications and frequent visits to the doctor’s office. For more information on how to find the right portable or home ultrasound therapy machine for your needs, visit

June Hamilton is a resident of San Diego, California. A true California girl, she likes spending her time outside and listening to music, as well as attending concerts. She also acts as a resource about ultrasound therapy equipment from EZUltrasound, including their portable ultrasound machine, home ultrasound machines, and gels.

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