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Distinctive Features of Craftsman House Plans

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It was during the overlapping periods of Victorian era and the Industrial Revolution, the upper section of the society built opulent homes made of mass produced materials. The laborers and common folks lived in simpler homes using natural materials.

This aspect of the society using mass produced materials for construction and over-done large home designs were symbolic of that period. Disregard for the commoners was a general practice and this was expressed by the fact that the upper section of the society used construction materials made by a commoner, who might have worked in slave-like condition to produce the materials. They continued to produce the materials without boycotting the companies. In course of this entire process, the laborer’s plight continued to be ignored by the upper class of the society.

The Victorian style homes indicated the slave/master relationship. The kitchen for instance was closed from the entire house. The family entered it hardly and only the servants used it while preparing meals. Apart from being closed from the rest of the house, these kitchens were never used by family members to dine together.

People in USA and England as a result of these started building homes with clearer lines by using natural materials made by the local artisan. This resulted in better payments and terms for the home builder, as he charged extra for his unique work and could also work under much better conditions.

The middle class, who were not in a position to afford servants, designed home in a different way. The mother had the responsibility of cooking, child care and cleaning. Since the kitchen was open, it became easier for her to keep a watch on her baby.

The mother also arranged for a place in the kitchen where the family would sit and eat. It was the kitchen where she used to spend most of her times in a day. This is where the house plans got the name craftsman house plans.

Functionality of design and simplicity are the two most important features of craftsman house plans. Use of naturally crafted materials such as glass, stone or wood is generally used for craftsman house plans.

Architectural aspects such as front porch, exposed rafters, deeply overhanging eaves, hipped roofs, gabled roofs, low pitched roof lines are some of the characteristics that differentiate craftsman house plans from the rest.

With increase in societal awareness, the concept of craftsman house plans has also become very popular. These house plans incorporate different green house features that make it environment friendly.

The modern craftsman house plans today incorporate plenty of modern features with an aim to ensure comfortable living. It offers a perfect combination of the Victorian feel with comforts of the modern times. So, if you are looking for craftsman house plans, you can look online and compare the different features to find a suitable home of your choice. Finding the right house plan will ensure complete happiness for your family.

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