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Amity Connect- Learn These Harmful Effects of Drug Addiction

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Those who fall prey to drug abuse suffer from a number of symptoms. The nature of side effects depends on the kind of substance one is consuming and for what length of time it is being consumed. In what amounts, the drug is being taken also matters when it comes to symptoms. The symptoms can affect an individual's physical and mental health. There are social networking platforms like Amity Connect where people can share experiences, learn about and manage side effects. In this article, we are going to read about the symptoms of drug addiction.


One of the primary symptoms is erratic behavior and odd mannerisms. The impact is more on people who have been subjected to substance abuse for a long period of time. There are radical changes in behavior. For example, those who were withdrawn in the past suddenly become too extrovert, and those were outgoing might display signs of bitterness and depression.

Staying Isolated

This is the common side effect in most addicts. They prefer to remain isolated and spend some time with themselves. According to addicts, this time is necessary for getting high. Such individuals cut off any kind of association with people who discourage the use of the drugs. They even avoid the closest of friends, and this makes addiction recovery all the more challenging or difficult.

Physical Appearance

Physical appearance is also affected to a considerable extent. Those who take morphine or heroin have pin-sized pupils, and keeps nodding most of the times. They act lazy and have incoherent speech. The most marked symptoms include not taking a shower and remaining unkempt. Those who use opiate wear long sleeved shirts to conceal needle marks. Such addicts also keep their sunglasses on even when staying indoors.

Effects of Stimulants

Individuals who take stimulants such as cocaine or methamphetamine have symptoms such as restlessness, energy outbursts, loss of weight, and high blood pressure.

Change in Sleep Patterns

Prolonged use of stimulants can adversely affect your sleep patterns. There are certain substances that will keep you awake later than usual. And, when the effect of the drug starts to lessen, you feel extremely tired. As far as depressants are concerned, they make you feel drowsy. Addicts generally tend to sleep more than a non-addicted person. Other effects include nausea, loss of memory, and constipation.

Other Short-Term and Long-Term Effects

Depressants such as Xanax, Ativan, and Klonopin are harmful. They produce side effects like slow brain functioning causing addicts to lose focus. There is also a feeling of fatigue and dizziness. These are, however, short-term effects. As far as long-term effects are concerned, they include breathing problems, sexual concerns, chronic depression and fatigue. There is also a high probability of developing diabetes and increased blood pressure levels. Those consuming heroin may develop liver ailments and heart infections.

Those who are victims of drug abuse should make use of platforms like Amity Connect to share, learn and recover.

Hope the above article proves useful to readers. What are your views on the subject? Please share your comments.

Authors bio:

Nicholas Grimaldi is a professional counselor who educates people regarding drug rehabs and addiction recovery programs. He also helps by building Addiction Social Networking and communities such as Amity Connect that encourage learning and sharing problems as a method to fight addiction.

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