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Tips For Buying Cheap Wigs and clutches

by anonymous

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Gone are the days when a woman had to pick a hair style and stick with it. One of the increasingly common women accessories can be found on-line. Clutches, handbags, wigs etc all are the common women accessories nowadays. More than ever women are choosing to change their looks instantly by adding a variety of wigs to their closet. Some simply want to “try out” a new hair cut before they commit to a drastically different hair style. Others like to change up their look for a night out with the girls. No matter what the reason, wigs are a great way to find a new you or just keep things fresh.  At the same time, the wrong wig can look over-the-top and fake despite how it looked on display.  A good wig is hard to spot, but just about anyone can spot a bad one. To achieve a natural look, you have to follow a few simple guidelines when shopping for a wig.


The number one mistake women make when picking out cheap wigs is not picking one that fits close to the head. Most women wear a wig cap to help their wigs sit tight against their head. Another thing to consider is the hair you have under your wig. Without a wig cap, excessive wear can cause your real hair to fray or break. Women with naturally long hair should wear one to help compress their hair, allowing the wig to sit more naturally on the head. This will also help you smooth out any bumps before applying the wig.  Another mistake women make is not picking a hair style and type that compliments their skin tone or the shape of their face. Women with a rounder face should select hair styles that naturally slim the face.  Most mannequin heads that are used to model a wig feature the classic oval face. Unless you too have an oval shaped face, take extra care to make sure that wig styles will look natural when worn by you. 


Another important factor is the texture of the wig. While it is nice to experiment with different hair textures and styles, it is best avoid extreme variations in hair texture. A good rule to follow is that if your hair type wouldn't allow for the texture and style of the wig it's best to avoid it. Remember the goal of a wig is to give the appearance of natural hair. Curls that are perfect are clearly artificial. To give them a more natural look, use your fingers to lightly comb through the wig. This will add the natural variations that women with curly hair usually have.  Complete your natural look by adding a few of the accessories found on-line. Women accessories are important enough so they should be bought properly. The right pair of earrings, clutches, sunglasses, necklace or even a nice belt or scarf will have you ready for a night out on the town. 


Following these simple steps when choosing cheap wigs, can fool even an experienced observer. Experiment and don't be afraid to step just outside of your comfort zone. Just avoid going to extremes and you'll be discover a world of possibilities.


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