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Powerful Development Capabilities with ColdFusion

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Adobe has released the updated version of ColdFusion with a set of advanced features to meet the latest trends in rapid web application development. Some of these features enable web application developers to embrace futuristic technologies like HTML5 WebSockets, HTML5 video player, RESTful web services support and HTML5 enhancements. ColdFusion 10 also offers a set of features that makes it easier for programmers to build dynamic and interactive internet applications.

Along with saving the time required for writing longer lines of code, the features like strong encryption libraries, database enhancements, enhanced caching and security enhancements further make it easier for the developers to deploy the application in a hassle-free way. If you are planning to migrate to the latest version of ColdFusion, it is time to have a look at some of the key features that makes it easier to develop and deploy a variety of web applications. That will help you evaluate ColdFusion development services providers better.

Some of the Easy yet Powerful Development Capabilities provided by ColdFusion 10

1. Advantages of Java Libraries: The updated version of the rapid web application development platform is designed by integrating Java and ColdFusion. So you can load the Java libraries directly from custom paths without restarting the server. At the same time, you also have options to enhance your productivity by invoking ColdFusion components (CFCs) from Java. Also, you can create dynamic proxies from individual CFCs, and use these as Java objects.

2. Easy to Work with PDF Documents: Most web applications, nowadays, use PDF documents to share relevant information with users. But developers often have to write lengthy code to integrate PDF documents in their application. ColdFusion 10 allows you to work with PDF files efficiently without writing any extra code. You can also use the feature to easily add headers, footers, images and watermarks to the documents. Further, the data can be populated and retrieved from PDF forms, and also be shared with user by avoiding all types of security threats.

3. Enhanced Object Relational Mapping: Most developers find it a daunting task to develop and manage applications that are not dependent on databases. ColdFusion 10 supports enhanced object relational mapping that enables you to built and manage database-independent application without writing SQL queries. You can use named SQL queries and stored procedure to run the database-independent applications in a smooth and flexible way. Also, you can use the SQL logging options to obtain improved debug information.

4. Language and Script Enhancements: ColdFusion 10 further makes it easier for developers to build robust web application through script and language enhancements. A programmer can easily learn, and use tag-based CFML to build comprehensive web applications within a short span of time. The updated version also comes with enhanced support for CFSCRIPT. It also offers language enhancement to optimize the quality and readability of your code. At the same time, the language enhancements also enable you to use auto-constructor to initialize CFC properties, closures to have better control on your code, and CFC method chaining to boost your coding efficiency.

5. Rich Ajax User Interface Controls: Ajax UI controls are commonly used by web application developers to boost the user experience. So you may be looking for faster and convenient ways to use advanced Ajax user interface controls. ColdFusion 10 allows you to use a wide variety of these controls through CFML tags and attributes. At the same time, the client-side Ajax applications can be smoothly associated with ColdFusion components on the web server. These controls enable developers to make their internet applications more intuitive and compelling without putting any extra time and effort.

6. Adobe ColdFusion Builder Integration: Adobe has further included ColdFusion Builder, an IDE designed based on Eclipse to boost the experience of ColdFusion application developers. You can avail the integrated server management and enhanced functionality as CMFL extensions. With the ColdFusion Builder, you can accelerate the internet application development using a set of functions like code assist, code formatting, code insight, color coding, code snippets and quick fix.

7. Improved File System and Navigation: Most programmers look for advanced virtual file system to develop websites without frequent input/output calls. ColdFusion 10 allows generating dynamic virtual files, and getting these executed directly from FTP, memory, and ZIP or JAR files. At the same time, the XPath integration makes it easier for you to native through XML documents quickly. The built-in XSLT integration can also be used to convert your XML documents into XHTML and Xforms.

A developer can further choose the features and functionalities to meet the specific needs of his web applications. But the advanced features will make it easier for programmers to easily develop applications for clients belonging to different industries and regions.

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