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When to Turn to a Personal Injury Attorney for Help

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Aside from those caused by vehicular accidents, personal injuries can also result from various situations that an individual may not even be aware of. There are many instances wherein you can be compensated for injuries that do not result out of vehicular accidents. At the James Sexton Law Firm, here are some examples of situations where you can be represented by our personal injury attorney:

Injuries sustained at work

Your employers have the responsibility to provide you with ample lighting, ventilation and space to help you move freely and comfortably at work. Injuries may result from inadequate workspace and from being surrounded by harmful materials such as asbestos, which is used as a sound-proofing material and even molds.

If you have chronic illnesses that somehow disappear when you take a vacation from work, then you may suspect that something in your workplace is making you sick. Initially, you must let your employer know and see if they will give you the proper medical treatment if necessary. However, if they constantly ignore your requests, it might be time to seek the help of a personal injury attorney to get compensated for your troubles.

Recalled meds and products

Another reason where you can seek the help of a San Diego Law Firm is when a pharmacy or a retailer sold you medicines and products that are known to have been recalled by the FDA. A list of these products and meds can be found on the agency’s website. If you have paid for a product found on the list, you can certainly fight for your right to be compensated for injuries and the risk that you took for buying that product or medication.

Medical Malpractice

Cases such as these have become increasingly popular. Cases such as these can be really complicated and it doesn’t help that most hospitals and clinics have rules on confidentiality that may protect some health care professionals from being brought to justice. However, if you have received medical treatment that only caused you more suffering and harm because of the practitioner’s negligence, then you can definitely bring your case to court and get fairly compensated.

Accidents don’t just happen on the road and involving a vehicle. They can happen in your neighbor’s backyard, at your children’s school and even in your office. It is important to be observant about your health and your surroundings and seek the help of a personal injury attorney if you suspect something that might be harming you or your loved ones.

The earlier you go to the law office, the better. Remember that you have the right to seek compensation for any of these situations but just as important is to make your case immediately and within the allotted period of grievance. Furthermore, keep your medication receipts for reference and document your experience as meticulously as possible. When something like any of the abovementioned situations happen to you, do not hesitate to seek guidance from James Sexton’s San Diego Law Firm.

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