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Give Your Child Funny Books: Help Your Child Enjoy Reading

by adriannavesey

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You want your child to do well in reading. Besides a regular bedtime story and giving him popular funny books to read, perhaps you're wondering what else you can do to make sure your child is off to a good start. As you may already know, learning to enjoy reading is vital throughout his primary years. However, it's also important to balance enjoyment with some focus on your child's reading skills. Take a look at some of the following reading tips for your child:

Talk together

Discussing the words and pictures that pique his interest is important for building his vocabulary and confidence. These words and pictures may be in the street, on a TV screen, or even on a ketchup bottle. In fact, it really doesn't matter where the words or images are, as long as you talk about them together.

Sing together

Even if singing isn't your forte, just sing with your child. He really won't mind if you're out of tune. Nursery rhymes and chart-topping songs you hear on the radio all count. Perhaps even grandpa or grandma can contribute some classic songs to your playlist as well.

Reading a book over and over again is OK, but...

Your child would want to keep reading his favorite book over and over again, and that's great, but to raise his reading fluency, he needs to read a lot of different books at his reading level. Nonetheless, let him re-read old books and don't push up the difficulty of the read too quickly. Doing so will only cause frustration, and your child won't make progress if he is anxious.

Make books basic

Instill in him that books and other reading materials are like food and clothes—they are something that he should never do without. You wouldn't let your refrigerator or closet go bare, so don't allow your bookshelf to be empty, either. Find a library or bookshop that keeps current with what's popular for kids. You can also try playing the “cool mom” card by getting a reading teen to tell your child what type of funny books for kids he enjoyed when he was younger.

Most importantly, don't forget to give your child lots of encouragement. Reading needs to be a pleasant experience if you want your child to keep reading. For more tips on how to get your child to enjoy the activity, visit

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