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Exotic Car Repair in Houston as exotic as the cars

by ErikLuna

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You have worked hard your life. The attention to detail that you have exhibited allowed you to make ground towards your financial goals, and the extra hours spent working, and studying provided for a framework for you to drive success. The road to your financial independence was not an easy one, and you appreciate the dutifulness to one’s job. You’re refined. Someone like you deserves the best, but exotic car repair is not why you got an exotic car. Exotic car repair is just as exotic as the cars, especially in Houston.  However, the real question is why should you go to an exotic car shop in Houston anyways?

 Perhaps, you don’t ask yourself that question, but you should. You might think that at the least you should be able to do the basic things at any old repair shop? Basic things like oil changes tire rotations, air filters, etc. Wrong. You car is special, and it needs special care. The technology and build under the hood of all exotic cars are far superior to the average vehicle on the road. Thus, the mechanics who handle exotic cars cannot be just another average mechanic. You need a mechanic that is a trained certified expert on exotic cars. Exotic Car repair shops in Houston employ exotic car mechanics who have completed a course and received at least a diploma or degree in automotive technology, specializing in exotic vehicles. Many have received a certification as members of the Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) organization, and continue their education of exotic car repair by reading publications and staying up-to-date on exotic car news in Houston. In addition, most exotic car repair schools are located overseas in the country of origin. That is why many car mechanics must go to exotic car dealerships in Houston to get trained; however dealerships in Houston will only take on new car mechanics if they have at least 14 years in experience in conjunction with other certifications.

Understanding the difficulty of becoming an exotic car mechanic sheds light on why you should go to an exotic car repair shop in Houston. The expertise involved with becoming a certified exotic car mechanic makes it a professional profession that takes special exception to exotic cars. Thus, not having that type of expertise work on your exotic car means your missing out. An average car repair shop will not have the tools, the knowledge, or the experience in handling your car. In fact, most average car repair shops will just turn you away.


Sphere Motorsports is the premier exotic car repair shop in Houston, servicing the Houston and greater Texas state. Their services include everything from regular maintenance, to major services. For more information visit or call 832-277-7062.

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