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Strong DLP Program a Solution for Data Loss

by anonymous

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The problem regarding the data security is not hidden from anyone. There is not a single moment when the companies are worried about the threat of data leakage. To avoid such information breaches, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program needs to be established and implement. However, many companies prepare the plan to tackle this data leakage problem, but, few of them are unable to implement the plan, and others are simply not bothered to implement it. A common mistake that the majority of the companies commit is that they keep a check on incoming traffic. The data of a company are at risk from the malicious attacks of the cyber criminals and as well as by the internal employees of the company. The organizations do not pay the required attention on the activities of their employees who steal data and sell them further to some rival. It has proven from many surveys that the internal employees of the company are one of the biggest threats to the companies’ data.

Usually, the first step towards making the data secure is to educate the employees and aware of the perils their data are facing. Many organizations conduct training programs for the employees’ training regarding data security. But, once the employees finish their training, they forget what they were taught regarding data security. Some other employees find these security policies a barrier in their style of working.

Other than the technical aspects of data security, the companies should create awareness in the employees for using security software. USB flash drives are vastly used for storing data, and due to their small size, they are prone to getting lost and misplaced. Experts rate USB flash as drive a major source of data loss. But, using software that cans Secure USB may help the cause of the employees of protecting confidential data.

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