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Catholic school fundraising demands innovation, organization

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Raising funds to support various school programs is nowadays a necessity given that the government is no longer able to fully provide adequate funding. Parents, teachers and students have thus resorted to making combined efforts to source for funds because failure to do so will mean the demise of affected programs. The success of fundraising events is pegged on how well they are organized and the amount of creativity that goes into the effort.

Creativity and innovation are especially vital components of these activities basically because fundraisers have to be done over and over again. Recycling the same old ideas is bound to result in donor-fatigue sooner rather than later. Approaching these donors and well-wishers and convincing them to part with their money won’t be so easy once they lose interest. A school administration can therefore not simply wish away these concerns. Adequate preparations for Catholic school fundraising must begin well in advance of the day of the event to ensure that the amount of funds targeted is realized. What therefore must be done to guarantee successful fundraisers?

Right from the start it is imperative that a fundraiser committee makes a list of probable fundraising ideas for school from which the most viable one will be selected. Also, given that fundraiser events should incorporate the efforts of students, it is necessary to ensure that the kids will easily understand what is required of them. Simply put, you need straightforward and non-complex ideas. By far the most utilized and effective type of fundraising idea is the organization of a sale. What can be offered in these sales is not cast in granite though – this is where the Catholic school fundraising committee can let its imagination run wild. The source of the items for sale should be carefully considered in the event that they will be externally sourced. You need to work with a company that can supply commodities which will impress those attending the fundraiser thus motivating them to buy. Only quality products will solicit high spending from parents and well-wishers; this requirement cannot be taken for granted.

Sourcing of products is one thing and selling them is quite another. As previously observed, fundraising ideas for school need to as much as possible integrate the efforts of students. Parents will certainly be motivated to buy just by seeing the endeavor that their kids are putting in to ensure the success of the day. Kids on their part will no doubt be ready to give the best they can. The best thing therefore is to ensure that they are well motivated – think appreciation. Pledging to reward the group of students that makes the most sales to, say, a fun day at the city’s most popular recreation center, will definitely inspire tremendous performances, all the better for the fundraiser’s success.

The same principle applies for whatever other fundraising ideas for school that can be proposed. Adequate preparation will always yield the best results for whatever the fundraiser committee has in mind including a sports day, a musical production, a car wash, and so on.


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