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Things to Consider Before Hiring Rancho Cucamonga Custody

by advinrosa

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Before hiring make sure to interview and have proper communication with the lawyer.

Before hiring a Rancho Cucamonga custody lawyer, it is important to consider a lot of things. In addition to communication, the other thing client can expect from the attorney is that he or she will pay attention to the case, work on it, and move it along for him or her. Letting the file languish in a file cabinet somewhere does nothing for client. client need an attorney who has the time and makes the effort to work on the case, no matter how difficult it may be, and who does whatever it takes to move the case towards its eventual conclusion. At the same time, client has to understand that he or she is not the attorney’s only client and there are many parts of the case that the attorney cannot control. The lawyer has to wait for the judge to assign court dates, for the spouse to provide documents, and for the spouse’s attorney to do what he or she is supposed to do as well. Even though the case is taking longer than client would like, it may not be the attorney’s fault.

In addition to the things client can expect the attorney to do, there are certain things he or she should expect that the attorney cannot do. First, the attorney cannot do anything illegal or unethical, and should not ask that client do so either. Hiding assets, destroying documents, and filing motions in court that have no legal basis whatsoever are all things the attorney can’t do. Second, the attorney can’t guarantee how the case will turn out. Every case is different, and every couple is different. Just because the friend got to keep her house and her kids, and got awarded maintenance for ten years, does not mean that client will end up with the same result. Client may have a very different situation from the friend, client may be in front of a different judge, or there may be other things about the case that are just not the same as the friend’s case. Don’t expect that the divorce will end up the same as anyone else’s divorce— that’s just not how the legal system works.

As with everything else in life, expectations go both ways. Not only do client have a right to expect certain things from the Rancho Cucamonga custody lawyer, but the lawyer has a right to expect certain things from client. The first thing the lawyer has a right to expect is that client will participate in their own case. Client need to advise the attorney of what’s going on in the life and what client is doing with the kids. Client need to gather and provide the attorney with all of the financial information.

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