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Super Glue: One of the Best Kept Secrets in Guitar Repair

by shannonmcniel

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As a musician, an industrial strength super glue may not be something you'll normally have in your gig bag. Or if it is, you probably won't bring it anywhere close to your guitar. Well, it just so happens that this glue can be one of the best things you can have around for guitar repairs. Now, isn't that convenient?

The right type of super glue for guitar repairs

Generally, there are three different types of super glue—thin, medium, and gel. The most commonly used type for guitar repair is medium, although sometimes the other types can also be used depending on the repair required. Super glue can be used for finishing, fret installation, inlay installation, nut installation, binding installation, and crack repair.

Super glue for repairing guitar cracks

Super glue can be buffed and polished, and as such, it makes for an excellent material to fill in minor cracks within the structure or finish. It is important to note, however, that super glue shouldn't be used on guitars with nitrocellulose finishes because the two materials do not mix. If your guitar comes with a polyurethane finish, you won't likely have any issues.

Using super glue on the guitar neck

You can paint thin super glue on a guitar neck. With it, you'll have a neck with a mirror-like texture that will feel good on your hands when you play the instrument. Keep in mind though, that super glue cures quickly, so it is not something you can take your time with. When you apply super glue, you have to finish the job fast.

Super glue for binding installation and repair

Super glue can also be used for guitar binding installation and repair because it will not destroy any masking material. Once you apply it to a binding, it can be easily wiped off without any resulting damage. For new binding installation, medium works best. For binding repair or when the binding is already in place, thin works better.

Super glue, or if you prefer the more technical term—cyanoacrylate adhesive—is one of the best kept secrets in guitar repair. Even luthiers (experts who build or repair string instruments) use it. Keep one in your gig bag at all times to ensure you're always ready to play. For different kinds of home repair, find out which glue to use by visiting

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