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A Little of Cuban Cigars are Never Harmful

by amitsachdeva

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The Smokers favorite has always been the Cuban Cigars. Once you taste these, there will be no taste that will make you forget these. A regular smoker will know that these Cigars are no ordinary ones. The problem is not with smoking them, the problem is how to buy them, and where to buy them.

As the Cuban Cigars are not ordinarily available everywhere and there will be a lot of fake Cuban imitations that people will try to sell you. So it’s better to know what you are buying, and stay out of trouble.

How can you get the Cuban Cigars

There is a long list of things you will have to do before you sit peacefully and enjoy the Cuban smoke as since 1963, due to the Embargo issued by President Kennedy on Cuba, importing of Cuban Cigars in the U.S. is illegal. If you feel like smoking some good quality Cohiba Cigars, you will personally have to visit Cuba.

Buying or selling or trading of the Cuban Cigars in U.S. is strictly prohibited and can result in a fine over $50,000. Buying Cuban Cigars, and bringing it back is never easy as there are certain things you will have to do before you pack them up in your luggage.

You will have to change the boxes, make sure you are removing the rings. If you want to buy a whole box of Cuban Cigars, you would want to check your pocket for at least $500 as the price is always this or above for a single box. If someone is offering you a box for less than this, be sure to know that the thing you might be buying is not authentic, hence a fake imitation. This is one reason why buying over internet sites is not preferred. If you simply do not want to visit Cuba, you can go to Canada, and buy them over there, as they are not banned there.

Nevertheless, bringing them back is always a headache. You can just sit in Canada and enjoy some moments and come back to your house. Due to the recent alternation to the original embargo, one can keep one or two cigars for personal use, but not a whole box for distribution.

The presence of Cuban Cigars on U.S. Soil is not forbidden anymore, but the selling or trading them for personal profit or one’s company profit is still illegal. Large companies, and sometimes even the smaller one are caught selling these Cigars to the public and have been fined accordingly.

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