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OBC (On board Computer) System for Petroleum Fleets

by andrewsmith

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Right now the industry technology experts in the trucking sector are discussing fuel costs, current industry innovations, fuel cells and all sorts of potential possibilities on the horizon. Now most of the popular engineering teams at the top trucking industry corporations are considering similar strategies to upgrade the efficiency of logistical flows using computers and more advanced trucks with better system, better aerodynamics and stronger and lighter materials.

OBC (on board computer) system is really a great innovation in the field of industrial segment. This is specially built for fuel trucks and designed to seamlessly interface with all other truck systems. Literally speaking, professional engineers have developed bulletproof connections to the electronic register, the industrial remote control system, the driver authorization system, tank gauge, and engine chassis telemetics. It also has built in GPS satellite, cellular and Wifi capability plus mapping and routing.

During present time, professionals envisioned a system where the brains live in a warm cab and the handheld if that required is a simpler device that sends and receives data from the cab when needed. It also allows the handheld to be purpose built for fuel delivery with functionality needed only at the end of the hose. Now the result is a handheld that will scan customer RFID tags and transmit this customer data 1000ft back to truck computer. This is also shows the meter reading in real time which is ideal for will calls and spill prevention.

Additionally the handheld will control all tank and chassis operations like Hose Reel, internal Valve, PTOs, Engine RPM and a DOT approved remote Emergency shutdown and all of this at a fraction of the cost to replace a lost or damaged handheld mobile computer.

There are some additional features of BASEstation OBC system. These are really significant.

• This is designed to be splash resistant; this is not designed to be immersed in water.

• There is another feature is BASEstation may not be water resistant in some of the options are specified.

• Basically DSP radio and wireless Modem options cannot be specified.

• Simultaneously, when the display is off, the unit is in idle without modem options.

• Now the units idle with full backlight with GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth, no modem options.

• This is an absolute maximum which includes and installed modem and all peripheral devices. Actual current draw will depend on system design. The unit is IP54 rated for water without Mag swipe or DSP modem. The USB 2.0 high speed, 1 port is for maintenance only.

The on board computer has interfaced to an electronic register and also to the trucks additive injection system. An electronic driver log and connection to the trucks engine, bakes, speedometer and odometer fed driver behavior, chassis telemetics and customer delivery data to the back office via satellite. BASEstation OBC is an innovative result of industrial section. This is a long time result of experienced of professional experts. This industrial remote control system fitted to tank trucks around the world.

BASE Engineering designs excellent fuel truck OBC (on board computer) system for different engineering and commercial purposes.  Since 1996 over 50,000 BASE systems have been employed around the globe to increase job safety and productivity. As a result of this design effort we have the confidence to offer a four year, no hassle, and replacement warranty on every product of industrial remote control system we manufacture.

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