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weirdest spam on my post...

by anonymous

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Hey, you, miss gorgeous girl... Ponder sex in Heaven, sex for the length and breadth of eternity, with me and/or whomever else you want and/or ten? 100? 10,000 handsome, tall, muscular guys + you alone. But, alas, poor, poor Yorick, must git-up thar first; must be humble enough to see the need for repentance in this finite existence (I go every month). Why not? Why wouldn't Almighty God allow that super-dooper, glorious high for a week or seventy-seven-weeks?? See? Heaven ain't boring as you might think, as reading a thick, heavy manuel on the whorizontal B-films; God loves you and God wants to provide the best for you. For those few who actually achieve the Great Beyond, girl? God looks at them and goes, 'Kick-ass!!They overcame the world? I'll overcum for eternity'. Anything and everything and MORE is yours in Heaven!!! Cannot stay here: all of U.S. must croak someday. So, decide if this lifelong demise is worth it. God Bless You. See ya soon. Love you --- You, are, adorable, girl. Precisely why we came to you.


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