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Laptop battery use Mistakes

by onlvyy

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Laptop battery should be how to maintain? Fact, for a wide range of portable computer, the laptop battery in addition to the quality of their problems will cause an explosion, the users themselves undue use is also likely to lead to battery safety incidents. Some computer experts suggest that consumers should avoid the following five misunderstanding.

Myth1: exhausted full use of the laptop battery.
Strategy: lithium battery over-charge and discharge the battery rapidly abatement activity.Asus A56CA So, during use, do not deliberately charged to 100%, used depleted automatic shutdown, to begin charging, charging 98%, you can stop charging typically use about 10%, so that will not have the laptop battery cause damage.

Myth2: As long as the shutdown uninterruptible power supply can also be put to bed.
Strategy:Dell CM161 this is apt to cause the laptop battery overheated and caught fire, the computer is placed in the sofa, bed and not easy to heat and should therefore be avoided.

Myth3: Never remove the battery.
Strategy: In fact, over-charging problem for a well-designed lithium does not exist, because the lithium battery with a protection circuit. On not charging when the charge indicator goes off. However,Asus ADP-90CD DB due to the lithium battery in the overheated environment, the aging rate will accelerate. Summer If you do not often use the battery, it should be taken down to prevent overheating damage.

Myth4: continue to use the full power can still draw a line power.

Strategy: to do so, in addition to resulting in reduced battery life, AC and battery use,Asus U50V it will result in the overheating of the machine, it is easy to damage other components. The easiest way is to - is fully charged and immediately cut off the external power supply.

Myth5: The battery needs to be fully charged or to put photoelectric to save.
Strategy: notebook lithium batteries require regular activation,Asus A32-U20 whether it is fully charged or put photoelectric incorrect. Put photoelectric save a long time, will make the laptop batteries lose activity; fully charged to save time is too long to be a security risk. Suitable processing method is to discharge 30%, about 40% preservation.

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