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Hack Attacks are the Basic Source of Data Breach!

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In the last year, more than 44 million records were compromised as per the report presented by Verizon. Out of these 44 million records, more than 50 percent took place due to hack attacks. There were 47,000 incidents of record breach have been mentioned in the recent report of Verizon. The report is based on the information gathered by 19 entities around the world. This is the largest collected sample by Verizon in a single year. Verizon has discussed 8,621 confirmed data breach incidents in its report in which 44 million records have been leaked.

As per the report shows, more than 50 percent of the information has been leaked through hacking, about 40 percent of data is breached due mal links, around 76 percent of the data is violated due to weak or no security measures and ignorance of safety protocols. Verizon has also shown the techniques used by the crooks. A single method is used by the cyber criminals in a number of techniques. However, the deadly combination of hacking and malware did not bring much success to these e-crooks.

The heavy majority of the attacks were committed by the outsiders. But in some cases, the insiders were also involved from hand to glove in the breach. The majority of the insider attacks were intentional and their fiscally encouraged. In some really rare cases, the insiders sourced the documents to leak by sending them to some other unauthorized persons by mistake.

It is difficult to prevent the cyber attacks on data, but, taking some precautions and using software like Folder Lock can prevent data breach that occurs due to lack of security. Most of the attacks were on financial institutions due to high rewards of frauds in shape of ATM and credit card scams. For more than half of the data breach cases, the skilled cyber criminals are responsible, these crooks thug people through spamming, payment frauds and identity thefts.

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