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Movie Inspirations For Your House’s Exterior

by novasparks101

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I’ve been surfing amazing photos in the internet showcasing unique and beautiful siding designs that I can use for my own home. Thankfully, the internet is generous enough to show me very wonderful inspirations in making my humble abode look more fine-looking and closer to how my dream house would look like. I did look hard enough. I swear. And guess what I found? What I have seen online are conventional house exterior designs – stunning ones at that. But my love for deviance was not all satisfied. I crave for uniqueness. I hunger for deviance. So that’s when I turned my computer off. I went outside for a walk. Coincidentally, I happened to pass by an old movie theater in Virginia. That’s where the brilliant ideas started to flow!

Potter Inspired

Who could have missed watching even just one Harry Potter movie? Out of eight motion pictures, you could have watched at least one, right? If you are aiming for your house to have a particular old and rustic look, then there is no better inspiration source than this film. With that being considered, you can use dark colored and textured house sidings and roofing for your home. Giving off that dark and mysterious feel, you can surely achieve the look you wish for without the need for sorcery and a magic wand.

Sex and The City Inspired

This time, you need to disregard the outrageous dresses sported by the four lovely ladies you’ve been following – ever since the airing of their TV series until the showing of a 2-parts film. So which part of the film will we get inspiration for the framing of your house’s exterior? Let us take it from the towering buildings and towers the ladies have been in and out to. Take inspiration from the fast-paced life of the city displayed through colored bricks that are either straight or staggered. Just take your option if you want the neat kind, or the more rugged type. This kind of look matches the demands of a life in the city that requires verve of balancing work and party.

Pride and Prejudice Inspired

If you want to relive that classic spirit in you, then it is advisable that you take a look at some remarkable period films. Know what decade or what era best defines you as a person and let it reflect in your choice of roofing and siding. You may also parallelize the look of all parts of your home by setting up a theme. In this way, your windows, doors and balconies will not be isolated by the whole idea or the general image you are targeting at. Having period designs for your house is almost close to a time travel. Enjoy it!

How about you? What movie brings out your most creative side? What movie do you want your house to take inspiration from? With the different genres out there, you’ll never fail to catch that one movie that will transform your house into a real-life model taken from one of the best films you have ever watched. Remember not to take the siding and roofing for granted, though. They comprise majority of your house’s exterior. So start digging for your old VHS, VCDS, DVDs, etc! Make your day-to-day life close to what you see in the reel.

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