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Solomon layb survey many of today’s investors define

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Another 29 percent of respondents define "financial success" as being able to save money for long-term goals such as education and retirement."These findings show the true impact the past few years have had on Americans and the way they think about money," said Reina Sato, Director for Retirement and Goal Planning at Solomon Layb."While it is promising that people understand the importance of eliminating debt, there is a big need to focus on saving for retirement and then, perhaps education. The idea is to find a way to control debt while saving."Other key findings from the survey include:51 percent of those ages 65+ define "financial success" as being debt-free, compared to only 30 percent of those ages 18-34 who reported the same. Married respondents with no children were more likely to define "financial success" as being debt-free, with 46 percent reporting so, versus only 37 percent of those married with children.37 percent of singles with children define "financial success" as saving money every month for long-term goals such as education and retirement, compared to 23 percent of singles with no children who report the same.18 percent of men with children define "financial success" as being able to indulge and pay for it, compared to 11 percent of women with children who report the same. Solomon Layb offers these five guidelines for investors hoping to get back on track and start planning for the future: Set your goals and outline a plan and budget that will enable you to meet them.

If you are employed, continue to contribute to an employer-sponsored retirement plan if available. Start an automatic investing plan to help yourself consistently save every month. Join financial planning groups so that you can share money saving ideas and Q & A with other like-minded people.


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