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Greener Pastures With Immigration Lawyers in Philadelphia

by rachaldworkin

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People don't always stay in one place: they move because circumstances change and new and better opportunities arise. The U.S. is one of the top destinations for people seeking a better life: the country welcomed over a million new legal permanent residents in 2010. But in the search for a better life, there are obstacles: legal immigration is not so easily achieved, especially in a country such as the U.S.

To become a legal resident of the U.S., you'd have to be familiar with immigration laws and state laws governing your current status in the country. Becoming a naturalized citizen can be tricky, so it's a good strategy to to team up with experienced immigration lawyers in Philadelphia. Here are the top three reasons people immigrate to the U.S.

To Look for Better Work

It is part of our nature to want to better our situation, to improve our lives. In order to do that, many people choose to leave their home country and seek greener pastures elsewhere. Of course, it is best to do this legally, however, there are those who choose to move to the U.S. regardless of what their legal status is, and those who overstay the duration in which they can legally stay.

To Reunite Family

Another people migrate to this country is to be with their loved ones. Those who have become permanent residents or who have become naturalized citizens usually send for their family to come and join them here. A skilled immigration attorney in Philadelphia should be able to assist you throughout the process and help you avoid the common pitfalls other immigrants face.

To Seek Refuge

In extreme cases like war or national unrest, some people also seek refuge in the country. Applying for asylum can be complicated and confusing, but with the right help it may be achievable. Here in a new country that strongly upholds freedom and equality, people can start anew without the worries of their old life.

Immigration can sometimes be a tough ordeal that can be made easier with the right counsel. For more information, go to

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