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Ear warmers men- for toasty, snug and warm ears in the cold

by aljonalvarez

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Just because it is bitterly cold outside doesn’t mean that you will have to give up on your favourite outdoor activities. In biting cold, the ears can get numb and render even simple walking torturous. One of the best ways to get around this problem is to put on ear warmers or ear muffs and beat the chill. Ear warmers of today are not the staid woollen ear muffs worn by fussy old people in the past but they are extremely fashionable and come in very many styles. Unisex ear warmers, ear warmers for women, ear warmers men; they are available in a wide range of sizes and styles.

Amongst the current brands, 180s ear warmer has made a solid name for itself and it offers a large range of creative ear warmers. Although all the ear warmers from 180 has various unique features, the one that stands out the most is the ear warmers men with headphones. This unique model has built-in headphones with cords which can be detached. They can be connected to your iPod and you can simultaneously enjoy your music while keeping your ears warm. This design is extremely popular with the younger generation as it lets them pursue their outdoor activity even in cold weather without depriving them of amusement or warmth. The other great advantage of this model is that it is collapsible and if you do not wish to use the headphones just put it away.

Ear warmers are also the better option than hats because being more snug fitting around the ears they actually provide proper protection to the ears. Chances of the ears becoming painfully cold lessen if they are warm and cosy under the ear warmers. The forehead too gets better protection with ear muffs than with hats. These can be easily worn over earphones, earrings, glasses and under caps, helmets and hats. For sportsmen, ear warmers men is a boon on cold days as they make nay sporting activity more bearable and comfortable. They also help to keep the hair out of the face on a windy day.

Ear warmers men can be got in many sizes and reputed brands have styles which allow the internal frame to expand or contract in accordance to head sizes. This eliminates the worry of fits and sizes and also makes it easier to opt for online shopping since there are no concerns about the sizes. Some features which are prominent in the top end brands include breathing capability and moisture wicking which keeps the ears dry and comfortable. The thermal insulation ensures that the ears are kept warm and snug even in the most biting of colds. The ear warmers men are are also light weight which means that they do weigh the ears down and are easy to wear.

For enjoyable outdoor activities even in the middle of winter or on very cold and windy days, ear warmers men are the apt choice to keep the ears snug, toasty and deliciously warm.


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