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Reasons Why You Should Pick the Nearest Abortion Clinic

by jonesmichelle08

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Every time we search the Internet for quality and reliable abortion clinics, we are always greeted with endless how-to lists and guidelines on how to spot that perfect clinic. They are written in different forms and styles but have still the same thought. Let us try to be different with this list. Even though this is still about abortion clinics (because let's admit it, some people need to be reminded over and over again about the basics), let us discuss something from an angle. As the title infers, why indeed should you pick that abortion clinic nearest you? I have prepared a few reasons below. However, if that super near abortion clinic defies everything that a quality clinic has to be, have enough common sense to jump to the next abortion clinic.

Preparation Jitters

Yes. We all feel this. We all have preparation jitters every time we go on a very important trip or appointment. What if I brought the wrong set of clothes? What if I can't eat before or after my operation? This apple pie will just turn to waste. What if I need to bring more water? You know how it works. At least, when you made an appointment with an abortion clinic within only a short distance, you won't have to worry if you brought the wrong things or left anything important because your guardian can easily drive to and fro to get it.

Peace of Mind

You will definitely have more peace of mind before AND after your operation when you know that you can just go home any time. We all know that women in this state have hormones tumbling all over the place. Knowing that your home is just a few miles (or even kilometers) away can somehow help calm your nerves.


Abortion procedures can cause different levels of fatigue to different patients. You may be more tolerant to pain and can just shrug off fatigue until you are already in the appropriate time to rest. But if your tolerance to pain is just the opposite, I am sure that fatigue will immediately consume you after your operation. Under such stress, there is nothing more comforting than going back to your home as soon as possible.

You Can't Drive(seriously)

Patients who just came out of surgical abortion cannot drive for the next 24 hours. That's an actual law in the state of Virginia. You can double check it if you want to. That is why patients of abortion are required to bring a guardian or a chaperon to accompany them not only as moral support during the operation but also as a physical support in terms of driving after the abortion procedure. There is no arguing in this. You will do yourself (and your chaperon) a favor if you choose a nearer clinic. Who knows? Maybe your guardian or chaperon is just forced to accompany you. The kindest thing you can do for their day is to give them shorter distance to drive--second only to a good meal or a pleasant gift of course.

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