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Sony Gives Reason Why PS4 Needs PS Plus

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Sony has recently explained the reason behind the implementation of the PlayStation Plus subscription service that is now required to be able to play the PlayStation 4 titles online. Leaders of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida stated that it makes no sense to keep imposing its services free of charge, by considering a large investment in terms of resources that have been done to Sony in terms of its online infrastructure.

"The main pillar for the PS4 is on online play. We are developing new ways to play and connect, requiring massive investment in terms of its resources, "said Yoshida.

"Taking into account the cost, try to keep it free of charge and then shall the odd lower quality. We agree that if it's a problem, then it would be better to accept the payment as a viable and continued good service. "

At this time, Sony does not attract a fee dime to play online on the PS3 facility. PS Plus is a subscription service with optional properties that attract a fee of $ 50 per year. For PS Plus subscribers, membership of which has been owned by the PS3 will be taken to the PS4.

This step alone brought Sony as well as Microsoft, which it has required players joined the Xbox 360 as an Xbox Live Gold subscribers ($ 60/year) to be able to play online and access the features complementary kind of Netflix.

PS4 ahead according to plans to release later this year at a price of $ 399

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