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Enhancing your Social Welfare Delivery with Effective Inform

by halabolteam

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Most public initiative programs designed to bring about a positive change in society on a micro or a macro sense are faced a common set of problems. Over and above bureaucratic interference, lack of transparency and accountability issues, it is the information gaps that demand immediate attention.

With a number of social welfare groups, individual workers and governments working towards developing innovative methodologies the end goal for all is to create a delivery model that is much more efficient, transparent and one that is able to reach out to the maximum number of people.

Why is Information so Important?

It is not uncommon for the information gap to impact social welfare causes such as those taken up by various rural health missions around the country. These schemes intend to enhance the quality and access to primary healthcare in rural India, but the inability to communicate crucial information to the rural population has made it the best training and investment towards equipments redundant.

Developing an Information Sharing Strategy to Encourage Participation

Depending on the resources that your social campaign has at hand, you can design a strategy that is even as simple as just giving out essential information such as, the finances of the campaign, the roles and responsibilities. Or, you can make the most of your resources by providing comprehensive information that empowers your members and other stake holders to participate in your cause.

Within the gamut of healthcare service delivery or example, business houses have been efficiently able to employ relevant technological platforms to facilitate high outreach mobile services. The very same platforms can be used to bring about a positive change in your social welfare program.

Using Mobile Technologies for Information Sharing

With a growing number of rural populace adopting mobile phones, innovatively employing SMS services to impart relevant information can truly enhance your reach. In contrast to traditional beliefs, employing these outreach programs is quite inexpensive and many times even free. Employing such ideas is even simpler for private social programs that do not need to rely on department officials for approvals and other bureaucratic inefficiencies that are a major hindrance in most government public welfare schemes.

Using Websites to Share Information

A large number of public and private social schemes are now adopting the internet to employ efficient information management systems that can be accessed by other internet users through the websites. Your website can contain information such as –

Details of the beneficiaries

Comprehensive details on the amount of money allocated to the cause

Details on ongoing and completed community projects

Jobs generated

Payment timelines

How the audience can contribute

By sharing relevant information to the relevant group of people, your scheme can contribute towards expediting the achievement of your organizational goals. Increased participation and quicker results are just a few advantages.


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