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Dalian Off The Beaten Path

by anonymous

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When visiting Dalian for your affordable China tours, you should know the following places.

1. Be brave, try local restaurants

Please go out of the hotel to try local restaurants. We found only one restaurant "The Big Apple", that had anyone who could speak English. But we found all restaurants had 10 to 20 meals on individual plates. uncooked. You could point to which plate you wanted, my wife always chose shrimp, and they would prepare it for you. I never knew how it was going to be prepared, whether broiled or fried or baked, but it was almost always delicious. I didn't like sea cucumber salad. If your shrimp comes out with the shell still on and then breaded, we saw people either eating the shrimp, shell and all, or, seperating the shell from the shrimp in their mouth and spitting out the shell. My wife pealed hers, and I ate the whole thing. Pull the tail off first, though. The Chinese people laughed at my wife peeling her shrimp. You can eat for one fourth the cost or less than if you ate all your meals in your hotel.

2. Beida Suspension Bridge

You will see a nice suspension bridge if you are travelling on the road that is adjacent to the coast (Binhai Road). At the Yanwoling scenic area (near Laohutan), you will find the Beida Bridge. There are some nice photo opportunities here with the surrounding mountains. Worth a quick stop.

3. Bangchuidao Scenic Area

The Bangchuidao (Bangchui Island) Scenic Area is located southeast of Dalian's city center. In a park-like setting, you will find beach and hills, and one can do biking and boating here as well as various beach recreations. This is a nice place to relax. From here you will see a small island off the coast called Bangchuidao, but I don't know if one can get on the island; only look at it and go around it by boat probably.

4. Xinghai Square

This huge square can be observed from the plane when aproaching Dalian (popular port city for top 10 China tour packages).

It has an oval form with a star in the centre.

Interesting place for a walk, although when we visited the city, there was a beer festival taking place there and the square was close for normal visitors...

5. Russian Custom street.

Near the Train Station, this street has lots of shops with signs in Russian, including some restaurants as well.

There you find every kind of cheap gadget you may imagine...

Quite interesting, since Dalian was a Russian protectorate until the mid 1900's.

6. Port Arthur

Lu Shun, a coastal city rich in history, is about 47 kilometers Southwest from the center of Dalian.

"Baiyushan Hill (White Jade Hill), towering 130 (426 feet) meters high beside the bay, is the symbol of Lushun (an optional destinatin for popular China travel package). During the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, Chinese soldiers had once fought Japanese invaders on this Hill. Canons built during the War are still found there. Later in the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905, the Japanese and the Russians were found battling each other on Chinese territory. The Hill was then the artillery position of the Russians. Later the Japanese forced Chinese laborers to build a tower to hold ashes of those who perished in the war. The ugly structure is still kept there as an evidence of Japanese invasion into China.

On November 21, 1894, the Japanese soldiers trespassed into Lushun and committed their three-day bloody massacre. 20,000 civilians without any weapon died under the hands of these cruelty acts of these solders. Years later Chinese government built a cemetery in memory of these Chinese who died in the massacre. The cemetery lies on the north side of Jiusan Road.

Remain of Japanese Prison is another important site in Lushun as well as another evidence of Japanese crime in China. Visitors are allowed to inspect the cells including workshops and execution chambers. Hundreds of Chinese people were cruelly killed here. Tour around the prison reminds people of the cruelty of war and inhumanity of Japanese invaders.

The Lushun Museum has a long history among Chinese museums. It was built by the Japanese in 1917. The museum displays massive artifacts, including 6 mummies (which still have hairs attached to it) was stolen from Xinjiang (must-see destination for Silk Road travel) by the Japanese. "

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