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Dedicated Hosting Service: A Full featured hosting service

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Dedicated Hosting service is the most full featured in all of the available hosting solutions. It’s the most flexible hosting service.  Often suits bigger corporations and Internet companies. In a dedicated Hosting service you get the entire hosting features in a single web hosting solution.

Salient features of a Dedicated Web Hosting

1. Rock Solid Performance: The resources of the server are not shared; you get all the available resource like processing power, disk space and memory.

2. Reliable Solution: Dedicated web server will never be slowed down or jammed with traffic by another website because the resources are not shared unlike shared or VPS hosting services.

3. Enhanced Security: Custom security policies can be installed according to the client needs, which provides enhanced mode of security in dedicated web server.

4. Custom Configuration: Custom software and hardware can be installed according to the requirement of the website. This is one of the best advantages of dedicated web server.

5. Custom Firewall: Configure your custom firewall according to your need.

6. Own IP address: Get your unique IP with your dedicated web server.

7. Support: Dedicated Servers are covered with SLA’s, a Service level agreement, which provides steady services form the service provider.

8. Scalable: Servers can be upgraded according to need anytime.

<a href=””>Dedicated Web servers</a> are very different from Shared or VPS in terms of management and support. VPS are targeted more towards growing companies and bloggers whereas the smaller companies or word press blogs are mostly hosted in shared web hosting servers.

<a href=””>Dedicated Servers</a> are managed with custom Server Management Policies agreed with the users. This helps the administrators to have a greater control.

These types of servers can be categorized into various types.

  •  Fully Managed: The service provider manages the servers. Security, Monitoring, Updates, etc.
  •  Managed: The service providers manage the servers to a certain degree. Customers have to manage few tasks themselves.
  •  Self-Management: Customers manage the servers, but service providers provide maintenances and updates.
  •  Unmanaged: The customers have full control over their servers. Service providers have very little or no role in maintaining the servers.

Features of the Server Management:

  •  Complete User Managed C Panel.
  •  Install Application Updates.
  •  Up-to-date Operating System Updates.
  •  Networking Monitoring.
  •  DDoS protection.
  •  Custom Backup Plans.
  •  SNMP Hardware Monitoring.
  •  Load Balancing.

Who needs a dedicated server?

Social Networking Sites, E commerce sites and big companies prefer dedicated web servers. Usually websites have requirement of high bandwidth or large volume of traffic. Users who want total control of their web hosting features like memory, processing, disk space, etc. can avail it. Dedicated Web server is a complete featured packed <a href=””>web-hosting</a> package. Install your own operating system, application, scripts, security and firewalls.  Several types of server management are available and they vary. Customers can have SLAs (Service Level Agreement) according to their needs and requirement. So if you want a secure, fully customizable, scalable option, then dedicated server is the right option. It will return a good return on your investment.


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