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Breast Reconstruction for Better Shape

by jeffhewson

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Now small or damaged breasts can be reconstructed with the help of surgery. If you want to go for Breast Reconstruction then you should choose to go for Natrelle which is the best clinic in Canada. Over 180,000 women in Canada and the US each year are diagnosed with breast cancer. You are not alone.


Like you, many women have the option of breast reconstruction after their mastectomy. There is a growing acceptance and popularity for breast reconstructive surgery among mastectomy patients and in the medical community. Be sure to ask your breast surgeon or general surgeon about your breast reconstruction options early on in your treatment plan.


While not everyone chooses to have breast reconstruction, women who chose breast reconstruction have reported an increase in self-confidence, gained emotional well-being, renewed body image and an increased sense of femininity and sexuality. While you're considering your treatment options, empower yourself and make an informed decision about breast reconstruction. This is a personal choice that your breast surgeon (or general surgeon) and plastic surgeon are ready to discuss with you, and plan for, right at the onset of your treatment for breast cancer.


Fully exploring your options will help you make the best choice for your body and your life after cancer. And research has shown that the more informed you are about breast reconstruction upfront, the better your plan will be. This look at breast reconstruction provides insight for a knowledgeable decision.


While breast reconstruction can be performed at the time of your mastectomy or delayed months or even years, knowing your options now can reduce your fear and strengthen your decision. Once you have read this information, be sure to consult with your breast/general surgeon and plastic surgeon to determine what option is right for you.




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