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Thin walled container molding is one of the type of molding technique which is used for the purpose of food packaging. It has an wide impact all around the world, it is very popular and also has a huge market in various parts of many countries either it is rural or urban. This method employs an wide range of injection molds for thin walled packaging and also for making containers for food and other usages. Depending upon the requirement of the customer the design may be varied. The variation of design does not mean changes in the structure of the machine but it represents the change in number of cavities present in the machine. Nowadays almost all Closure Molding Suppliers prefer this type of molding technique. They are preferred due to various advantages present in them. There are certain type of technologies involved in this type of molding technique they are

1.         Hot or High Temperature runner type injection with value gates.

2.         Technology of label and over molding.

3.         Hot or High Temperature runner type sequential injection.

4.         Vegetal and material injection.

There are certain difficulties in this method of molding which has to be overcomed by the Closure Molding Suppliers. In general at the time of the injection molding there are more possibilities where the walls of the material output may be uneven in its thickness either the walls may be thick or thin. Thus it needs a high speed or velocity and an high pressure injection in it. Due to this reason the machine will be bigger than the general purpose machine it is not because of mold or higher injection weight but due to higher or more injection pressure. The clamping force must also be higher. Thus by following these steps we can overcome the problems in this method of molding. There also certain other conditions involved in this method they are the dimension of the mold should be in controlled precession .To be in controlled precession we can use very high speed milling machine and many other precession machine tool for tooling it. There are certain sub systems present in this method they are the ejector system and cooling system. At first, regarding the ejector system for making thin wall container mold we must use atmospheric air to blow at first where it helps the container not to stick in the core and they also use double plate ejector which is driven by the hydraulic cylinder which is used to eject the product of the mold. The cooling systems is also very important because in molding we need very high speed and enormous amount of  pressure which in turn causes or produce enormous amount of heat or temperature. Hence it is important to control the heat produced thus we are using this cooling system. Thus the certain step involved in Thin Walled Container Molding process is explained in detail above.

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