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Beach Wedding Colour Scheme Ideas

by conallbrendon

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If you are planning a summer wedding on the beach, why not add some colour to your special day. Tropical colours are modern and vibrant, while traditional coral tones offer a more subtle alternative. Take inspiration from the natural beauty of nature with these beach wedding colour scheme ideas.

Many Australian couples choose to get married on the sands during the warm summer months. But what is a beach wedding without some colour? You will be surrounded by beautiful blue sky and azure seas while taking your vows. There are a variety of truly breathtaking colours which will suit a beach wedding. Whether you opt to dress your bridesmaids in them, or just use them in your floral displays, only you can decide what’s right for your big day. The following beach wedding colour schemes will give you some inspiration, while you are still making up your mind.

A Tropical Palate

Using a tropical palate will give you the option of developing a tropical theme for your wedding. If you are not keen on having a themed wedding you can still use tropical hues. Tropical shades like apple green or hot-pink are ideal beach wedding colours to use. Turquoise or vivid orange tend to look spectacular in the sunshine. You can continue to make use of your tropical palate by choosing flowers, decorations, centrepieces and invitations in your chosen tropical colours.

Coral Tones

Shades of pink, peach, salmon and coral are popular beach wedding colours. Think orange and pink with all the subtle changes in the colour spectrum in between them. They look fantastic on a hot sunny day. A coral palate looks chic when teamed with metallic or grey. You could carry on the coral and seashell theme by having your wedding cake decorated with tiny, edible, sugar shells. Coral tones pair well with shades of aqua and turquoise. Aim to keep the coral palate soft, for a romantic and timeless look.

The Sea’s Beauty

Evoke the unrelenting power or the ocean with the natural beauty of the sea. A palate matched to the ocean uses blues and greens. Consider colours such as teal, aqua, turquoise or teals. Sea shades will look impressive against classic white or silver trim. This palate also compliments neutrals and gold. Just think sand and surf combined with relaxing summer days on the beach. Bridesmaids look stunning in shades of azure, aqua, and royal blue.


Traditional ivories and gold will look exquisite against neutral sandy tones. Popular neutral wedding tones include cream, latte, mocha and bronze. Neutrals will look great with a suntan too. They are complimented by pearls and lace. Neutral wedding colours such as mocha and ivory, pair well with corals.

Wedding Receptions in Melbourne

Melbourne wedding receptions are often held outside during the summer months. However, it is always good to have a back-up plan in case it starts to rain. Make sure there is an undercover area available for your ceremony if the weather is bad on the day you book.

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