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Knowing More about USB Webkey

by connectweb1

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Everyone who uses a computer is aware of USB flash drives since most of us use it quite often. These drives make for excellent storage devices as you can carry around large quantities of data with you. What clinches the deal in favor of these devices is the fact that they are compact, attractive, portable and very user friendly, meaning it is quite simple to use. No wonder, it is one of the most sought after products in the market place. Now, there is another alternative to these flash drives in the market known as a Webkey. So, what is a Webkey?

Learning about a Webkey

A webkey USB is pretty much similar to any USB flash drive that you may have. It also comes with a USB connector fitted on the end and is available in similar shapes, sizes and style of regular flash drives. However, there is one major difference between the two. While a USB flash drive includes an internal flash memory that enables you to read or write data to and fro, a webkey does not have any internal memory where you can store data.

How does it work?

It is a fact that a USB webkey does not have any accessible memory. However, it has enough memory space for storing one website address. The moment you connect to your PC with this device, it will start the default browser on your PC automatically and loads the webpage stored in your webkey. The webpage could be anything. It could be the home page of a company site, a product page, competitor webpage or a link to a specific site or your Facebook page.

How does it help a Company?

A USB webkey can play an important role in a company’s strategy for launching a new product. Consider this; the company can distribute these devices in the shape of the product they are launching and embed a link to the product’s landing page where the company can provide more details about the product along with further links to media files, spec pages and pricing pages. It may also include links to social sites like Facebook and Twitter so that the customer can get further updates about the product. A Webkey USB is an excellent option for attracting potential customers to your website so that you can motivate them to register and know more about your company’s products and services.  Lastly, unlike regular flash drives, a webkey has a restricted but very important role to play for businesses.


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